Your Guide to Moving in the Summer: 6 Essential Tips and Tricks

Your Guide to Moving in the Summer: 6 Essential Tips and Tricks

As the summer approaches, the most popular moving season starts to kick into full gear. And with so many people relocating during this time of year, you need to be prepared and book your movers well ahead of time. Help make your move easy peasy with our top tips and tricks for moving in the summer.


Start As Soon As You Can

The earlier you can start your moving and organizational process, the better. Getting a jump start will give you ample time to sort through your items and figure out what needs to get done so you can be entirely ready for the day of the move. During this initial stage, we recommend starting with a checklist of what needs to get done and prioritizing so you can chip away at it every day.


Book With A Reputable Moving Company ASAP

Since summer is the busiest moving season, it means good reputable moving companies will book up fast. So make sure you lock in your date with a top-rated moving company that you can depend on well ahead of the season. Search through reviews online and ask around through family members and friends for recommendations.


Mitigate Summer Costs

Since the summer is an easier time to move and people often have more time off of work, it’s also an expensive one since you’re competing with a surge in demand for movers. This can hike up the price and force you to pay more in comparison to offseason. But you can help to manage those expenses by being strategic and smart. Dejunk and get rid of any unused belongings that you have. That way, you’ll only need to move the items you really care about which will also reduce the time and cost to move. You can also set up a garage sale or sell your unwanted stuff online. Get creative to help balance out those higher fees.


Be Smart With Your Move-Out Date

It’s important to really consider the timeframe of your move and how it will coincide with the busy summer season. Try to avoid booking your move around the start or end of the summer, and steer clear of the weekends if possible. Scheduling during a weekday around the middle of the month can help you save more.


Be Cautious When Moving Heat-Sensitive Items

The temperature can get pretty stifling here in Ottawa, which can end up impacting certain items like any heat-sensitive electronics. So be mindful and keep any sensitive tech gear well protected and away from the blazing sun during the move.


Stay Hydrated

Even if you’re not doing much of the moving, it can still take a lot out of you during those hot summer days. Always keep plenty of water on hand to stay safe and hydrated during your summer move.


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