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Local residential moving

We know that every family is different, along with every house and the items inside it. Our teams are trained to move families of all sizes to homes of all sizes. Whether you’re moving down the street or to another city, we have a crew for every move.

Local moving is anything within the city limits, for Ottawa that means Limoges, Cumberland, Stittsville, Dunrobin, Manotick, Richmond, Munster, Marionville, and everything in-between. We charge a one-time 1-hour standard travel fee to get our team to and from the client addresses, this covers the cost of travel for our crews.

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What every client can expect when OML arrives at your home:

The Site Leader will introduce himself and his team and will quickly review the work order to ensure all is correct. They will have 3 wardrobe boxes for client use that day, tools, mattress bags for each bed, carpet runners, and moving blankets. All of these supplies are at no cost to the you! While the supervisor reviews the work order with the client, the rest of the team will begin placing carpet runners throughout the home, and moving blankets for wrapping furniture in each room. Each member is individually taught to wrap furniture and move items carefully throughout a client’s home to their final destinations. On average you can expect 1 to 1.5 hours of moving time for each room using a 3-man crew in your home. With our competitive rates, team of reliable and experienced movers, and our courteous service, we will handle your move with care and efficiency to make it stress-free, fast, and affordable.

Long Distance moving

We will gladly help you with any move outside the city limits mentioned above starting or ending in Ottawa. We regularly schedule trips to Toronto, London, Kingston, and Pembroke. Long distance moves are priced differently, we charge by the kilometre for a travel charge and charge hourly for the move portion. The charge per kilometre depends on the size of the crew – this rate covers the employee pay, gas, use of vehicle, hotel accommodations (if needed), and return trip for the crew.

Residential Moves Q&A

Yes, in-home estimators are professionally trained and seasoned in providing the most accurate estimate possible. Often they will spot potential issues that you may not know to look for which can prolong your move.

There are a few ways that you can speed up your move. Always make sure your home has been packed and labelled properly so the movers can easily place your items in your new home. Disassemble beds, tables and other furniture before the mover arrives. Have your appliances ready and unhooked from the home.

Having your home packed by professionals adds an extra layer of insurance for you. For example, if an item breaks in a box packed by a professional it will be covered. This can also save you time to spend with your loved ones, and reduce the stress of the entire moving process.

A reputable moving company should offer full insurance coverage without an additional cost. While many companies use this to increase their profit margins, it isn’t necessary.

Yes, movers should wrap and pad all of your furniture for protection. This should be included in the estimated time and price given to you by the moving company. Wrapping your furniture not only protects the item itself but also the walls, doors, and floors of the home.

Gratuities are not included in the hourly rate. If you feel the team did a great job and you would like to thank them, they would appreciate it.

The cost of moving an apartment can vary, as using an elevator can cause delays. Having the elevator on service will help speed up the process. A typical 2 bedroom apartment move can cost between $600 and $900.

Your cost will vary depending on the distance of your move and the access to the homes. Typically, a local move will be about $1200 to $1700 for labour alone.

Generally speaking, a typical 3 bedroom house takes between 6 – 8 hours to move. Elevators and staircases with multiple flights will cause delays.

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