Preparing Your Parents For A Move

Preparing Your Parents For A Move

Are your parents thinking of downsizing from their family home or moving to a retirement home? These changes might be for financial or health reasons, either way making it a challenge to live in their current home. In old age, it can become increasingly difficult to move physically, and it can be equally mentally draining to have to move from a lifelong family home. There are many factors to prepare your parents for a move; here are some important tips for handling this move with grace. 


Having A Conversation

Having your parents downsize from a childhood home can be devasting as there are years of memories build into it. When all the kids have moved out, and there is no longer a need for a large house, consider having a conversation with your parents about their future living situation. Your parents will be thankful that you have approached them to discuss their emotional and physical wellbeing. This might be a difficult conversation to have, but it is necessary. 


Location, Location, Location!

Location is one of the most important components in deciding where to move. Especially in old age, it is important to live close to family members, friends and essential amenities and services: grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals. When it becomes harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle, your neighbourhood can be a great way to stay active. If your area has walking trails, parks, or a community center, you will want to enjoy the surroundings, and you’ll want to make the most out of what your area has to offer. 


Only Pack The Essentials

There are many factors that need to be considered if your parents are planning on downsizing. Ensuring that what is being brought to the new house are only the essentials as there won’t be space for the “extras.” If items don’t have a sentimental value explain to your parents that these aren’t essentials and can be sold or can be passed down to family members. Making long-term solutions is crucial to avoid the hassle of remodelling or relocating. There are many ways to make your transition smoother such as redecorating. As this can be an emotional experience, put up picture frames to ensure that memories are being preserved and are accessible. 


Downsizing is a very challenging experience for both parents and children. If your parents have decided that this is the best option for them, contact us at Ottawa Moving Logistics. We provide the highest quality and packing services for both residential and commercial clients. Book your move today! 

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