How to Pack Your Fragile Items for Moving

How to Pack Your Fragile Items for Moving

Boxes endure a lot of handling and shuffling during the moving process, which is why there’s always an extra level of concern when it comes to transporting fragile items. Protecting delicate belongings starts with the right packing methods. To make sure your delicates are snug and secure during your move, follow our expert tips below on how to pack your fragile items for moving so they can arrive safely intact.

Place Heavier Items in Smaller Boxes

Packing heavier items in large boxes leaves extra room for them to move around and break. Instead, reserve smaller boxes for heavier stuff. This will keep them snug and make it easier to place extra padding in and around the box to keep everything securely in place during the move.

Avoid Using Damaged Boxes

If you’re reusing old moving boxes, avoid using any that are severely damaged, weak, and flimsy. These can easily collapse when packed up into the moving truck. Stick with sturdy boxes that are thick and strong.

Don’t be Shy on the Tape

When packing up fragile items, don’t be shy on the packing tape. Use extra layers on the bottom and around the seams to secure the contents and box, especially when packing up items with more weight.

Use Clothing and Linens as Padding

A pro moving tip that can protect delicate items while making your packing process more efficient is using clothing, towels and other linens as padding in your boxes. Wrap glassware and any other breakables in your linens and clothes. You can also place them at the bottom and along the sides of the boxes for extra cushioning. It’s a great way to save on packing supplies.

Use Packing Paper to Fill Spaces

Packing paper is helpful for filling in glasses and anything that has a hollow space. This reduces the vibrations during transport that can damage delicate items. You can stuff them with paper and wrap them up in your linens.

Label Fragile Boxes Clearly

To ensure fragile boxes are as clear and visible as possible, we recommend using a different colour marker when labelling. A red marker is usually best for grabbing the attention of movers so they know to be extra cautious when handling those boxes.

Use Movers that You Can Count on

Using a moving company that has a good reputation can make all the difference on your moving day. At Ottawa Moving Logistics, we provide all of the moving-related services you need, including packing fragile items and more. Our team is professional, experienced and respectful of every move. We take every precaution to ensure every item arrives safely. 

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