When Should I Start Planning My Move?

When Should I Start Planning My Move?

Wondering when you should start getting ready for your move? We suggest starting as early as you can. Like anything in life, the more time you have to prepare, the easier it will be. If you need help outlining and breaking down your planned move, here’s a general rule of thumb to follow.

Six Weeks Until Move

Book Movers

Once you’ve found your new home, it’s time to book your movers. Six weeks is usually a good amount of time to ensure you get the movers you want and aren’t competing for the date you need. If you’re planning to move in the busy season, any time between May and September, you might want to book even earlier. 


We recommend starting on the dejunk stage no later than six weeks from your moving date. At this point, you should be starting the process of going through your home and purging what you won’t be taking with you. It’s best to start in the areas that tend to accumulate the most amount of junk, like the closets, garage, basement, and attic. Keep separate bags or piles for items that you will be donating or discarding.

Four Weeks Until Move

Send Notices, Change Address, Change Utilities

Four weeks out is when you should begin notifying others about your move, such as your employer and kids’ school personnel. Also, notify your bank, insurance providers, accountants, etc. You’ll need to change your address and/or disconnect subscriptions and utilities such as gas, water, cable, internet and so forth. Collecting medical and dental records is recommended at this point too.

Three Weeks Until Move

Start Packing

Packing is the part of the moving process that most individuals dread, but it’s most important that you start this task early to avoid extra stress on moving day. If you’re not hiring movers to pack for you, give yourself plenty of time to get it done gradually. Start packing up the items that you don’t use daily. Make sure to have the majority of everything packed the week prior to moving.

One-Two Weeks Until Move

Finalize Packing and Clean

You’re at the home stretch which means most of your belongings should be packed with only a few things left to throw in a box. Don’t forget to leave out the broom, mop and cleaners so you can give your home a good cleaning before you move out.

Day Before Move

Prep for Movers

Finally, it’s the day before your move! At this point, the only thing left to do is prepare for the movers. Shovel the walkways and salt and have rugs or blankets ready to place down to protect your floors. 

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