What is the Busiest Moving Season and Why?

What Is The Busiest Moving Season And Why

Are you planning to relocate in the near future? Wondering if your timeframe might fall within the peak period for moving? Well, if you’re planning it in the summertime, that’s when the busy season really kicks off, and it can even extend into the beginning of the fall. We’ve got all of the information you need to plan out your upcoming move so you can avoid it or plan well ahead of time to beat the rush. 

The Summer Rush

School’s out which means more college students will be heading home for the summer. This is also a popular time when new graduates will be moving away to start new jobs. So, from early summer until September, you should expect the student summer rush to kick in, causing prices and demand to surge.

The Weather Is Ideal for Moving

If you’ve never had to endure a winter move, consider yourself lucky. Aside from it being bitterly cold, it’s also slippery, messy and more dangerous when you’re handling heavy, bulky items. So naturally, the pleasant summer weather makes it a more favourable time of year to move, especially in our northern climate here in Canada. With longer, brighter days, and no snow, ice or bitter winds to contend with, summer moves just make sense. 

It’s A Common Time for Leases to Expire

The end of June and July can also be common timeframes for leases to expire, giving many renters the push to look elsewhere and make a move. This is another reason why the summer tends to be the busiest.

More Free Time

There are many businesses that flip to summer hours during this time of year, giving employees more time to get off work early, take advantage of those long weekends and enjoy the weather. Since it’s a common slow time for many companies, people often have more free time to plan, prepare and book time off to get their home and family ready to relocate.

Popular House Hunting Time

Thanks to the nice weather, the beginning of summer is also peak time for homebuyers to get out on the prowl. With the sun shining, buyers can easily and thoroughly evaluate properties, including the condition of the roof, backyard and other important areas that would otherwise be covered in snow during the winter.

Once the summer season kicks off, you can expect moving companies to book up fast! So, if you’re gearing up for a move, make sure to plan accordingly and lock in your date. Plan ahead and book your date at Ottawa Moving Logistics now to get the professional and reliable services you can count on. 

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