What Does Packing and Unpacking Involve?

What Does Packing and Unpacking Involve?

Packing and unpacking are the most time-consuming tasks during any move. But you don’t have to do it all on your own. Moving companies like ours offer packing and unpacking services to suit your individual needs. So instead of dreading the process, you can hand it over, and our team will take care of it all for you, saving you lots of time and effort. Here is a breakdown of our available services at Ottawa Moving Logistics.


The Complete Pack

For those who truly hate packing, this one’s for you. With the Complete Pack Service, we will come and pack up your entire home for you. We’ll bring all of the required necessities, including boxes, specialty boxes, tape, packing paper and anything else that might be needed to contain all of your belongings safely.

The Partial Pack

Need help with only a few key areas in your home? We can assist you with that too. Whether it’s the basement, kitchen, or garage that you just can’t face, you can direct us, and we’ll gladly pack up any of those chaotic odds and ends that you don’t want to spend time dealing with.

Help Me Pack

For those who are okay with handling the majority of the packing process on their own, but need some assistance to deal with one room or even just a few delicate, complex items, the Help Me Pack service is ideal. We’ll bring all of the moving supplies needed to securely and safely contain any of your oversized or delicate belongings.

Office Pack

Office moves can be complex, which is why you need an experienced and professional team or your side to help keep everything organized for a smooth process. Whether you have a large or small space to deal with, our team can tackle it.

Items That We Don’t Pack

It’s important to note that there are certain items that we can’t safely and legally pack up for you. This includes any hazardous materials, plants, perishable foods, explosives, liquids, or corrosive and flammable items.


Can’t face the thought of unpacking? We can assist with that too and unpack all of your belongings once you arrive in your new home. 

If you’re planning an upcoming move, get the reliable, professional and dedicated moving services that have been trusted throughout Ottawa. Contact Ottawa Moving Logistics today to book your moving date or to learn more about our moving services and rates.

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