Use These 5 Strategies to Simplify Your Business’ Big Move

Use These 5 Strategies to Simplify Your Business’ Big Move

Trying to plan out your company’s relocation? It can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re not quite sure exactly what needs to be done to get the job finished on time and under budget. When it comes to large-scale commercial moves, there are a number of factors at play that you need to consider in order for it to go smoothly. And that’s just the beginning — there’s the whole moving part, too! To help you along, here are five strategies to simplify your business’ big move.  

Make a Detailed List

Creating a thorough timeline will allow you to plan all the necessary stages of your move properly. A checklist can help you to keep track of any important deadlines and allow you to easily assigning tasks as they come up. We also recommend getting ahold multiple copies of the floor plan and blueprints so that you can start planning out the new layout in advance and identify any potential issues that you can solve now.

Organize Well in Advance

Preparing for a move takes up way more time than most people expect. If you want everything to go exactly as planned, you need to start organizing well in advance. This includes figuring out which items you will move over to the new space and what items will be sold or thrown out. You should also arrange for your accounting department to transfer the company address information and to notify all your customers, as well as the utility companies, subscriptions, insurance, licenses, and banks. Time should also be carved out for supply planning. To avoid being left in a pickle last minute, purchase the packing supplies and equipment needed for the move well in advance and buy a little more than you need.

Measure Everything

One of the most important things you should do is to measure the new space to ensure that everything will fit inside. We recommend measuring not only the usable space but also the door sizes to figure out what furniture will need to be disassembled beforehand.

Organize a Team

When it comes to planning a commercial move, there are too many parts for one person to tackle on their own. So unless you have arranged for a moving company to take care of the full coordination and packing, you will need to arrange a team to help you. It’s more cost effective to assign a few supervisors from each department to help out but if you don’t have the resources, hiring an outside source can make a big difference.

Arrange a Specialized Moving Company

Whatever you do, don’t leave this to the last minute. Moving companies who specialize in commercial moves are rare. And if you wait too long your preferred moving company could end up being booked solid on the date you need to move. Many movers also offer services that you may find useful such as packing, unpacking, and even coordinating. So make sure you do all the necessary research to find the most reliable movers and get them booked up right away.

We hope this information will prove useful. For more strategies to simplify your business’ big move, contact us at Ottawa Moving Logistics today!

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