Tips for Packing Up your Children’s Stuff

Tips for Packing Up your Children's' Stuff

Packing can be a daunting process. And, when you add your children into the mix, it can be even more challenging. No one enjoys moving, but for your kids, it can be an emotional and scary time. But keeping them involved can help alleviate any adverse emotions, even if it slows things down a little for you. To help make your move a smooth transition, here are some tips for packing up your children’s stuff to make everyone’s lives a little easier during the move.

Measure First

First things first, measure the dimensions of your new home. If things don’t fit, you should sit down with your child and decide what can stay and what should go. Try setting up plastic bins where they can put things in that they can donate to other kids. It will make them feel more involved, which can help reduce the chances of them getting upset.

Arrange Into Piles

Before you start packing, you will need to arrange all of their items into separate piles. The first pile should include everything that your child will need during the first few days, like clothing, shoes, their favourite toys, and the essentials. The second pile can include items that can wait to be unpacked later on. If your child is old enough to help, let them chip in, but it is wise to pack the boxes yourself to ensure you know what’s in each.

Label Everything

Labelling is the most important part of packing. It will help you find what you need easily and also help the moving company place the right boxes in the right areas.  The most efficient way to label is to write the room name on the box along with a list of all the items inside. It’s also handy to colour code your boxes by using a different colour for the essential boxes versus the non-essential boxes. It can also help to use a different colour for each of your children’s boxes.

Have Fun

Don’t forget to have a little fun. Moving can be a very stressful and confusing time for your children. They may be leaving behind friends, and the change of leaving their comfort zone can be more than overwhelming. The more involved you allow them to be and the more fun you add to the packing process, the easier it will be on them during the process.

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