Tips for Throwing a Successful Yard Sale Before Your Move

Tips for Throwing a Successful Yard Sale Before Your Move

Moving day is marked on the calendar, and you can’t wait to get into your new space! Packing up your belongings, you start to declutter and realize it might be a good idea to have a yard sale to help get rid of the things you can’t take with you, with the bonus of pocketing some extra cash. Although it may seem easy enough to organize a yard sale, there are some important steps you should follow for a successful one.

Give Everything a Good Cleaning

Let’s face it, some of the items you’re looking to sell could be coming from corners of your basement that you haven’t touched in years. That doesn’t mean they won’t find a good home, but a good washdown will ensure the best possible results. Take a mild soap and microfibre cloth to soft and hard surfaces, and banish those dust bunnies. Disinfect children’s toys and consider doing a few loads of laundry if you are selling clothes or linens.

Pick a Saturday

Choosing the day you have your yard sale has a big impact. By picking a Saturday, you allow the sale to be extended into the next day if you still have a lot to get rid of. You also have a predetermined rain date on the Sunday in case mother nature decides it’s a good time for a downpour.

Get Your Neighbours Involved

Many hands make light work. So, ask your neighbours if they are around on the day of your sale to give you a hand. Maybe they were even planning on having one themselves and now you can attract an even bigger crowd. Double the fun and the foot traffic!

Advertise Locally

Get the word out before the day of your yard sale so people can plan to stop by. On your flyers or in your newspaper ad, be specific about what you have to sell, like children’s toys or furniture. On the day of, make signs that are attention grabbing with bright colours and a simple font that is easy to read.

Price Items Fairly

Even if something is brand new, buyers won’t want to pay the sticker price. Be realistic and price items to sell. Consider using a colour coding system for items priced for the same amount, and have an under-a-loonie table where you place knick-knacks that have various values.

A yard sale is a great way to downsize before moving to ensure you only bring the items to your new home that mean the most to you. At Ottawa Moving Logistics, we know the stress that can come with packing up your belongings, and we are here to help. If you have questions about our services, contact us

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