When to Start Preparing for Moving Day

When to Start Preparing for Moving Day

Knowing exactly when to prepare for moving day can be tricky. It really depends on whether the moving company will be packing for you or if you will be taking care of the packing on your own. If you have a large house, then you’ll also need to plan further in advance than if you have a small apartment. And that’s just the beginning!

To give you a better idea of when to start preparing for moving day, along with all of the necessary moving parts involved, check out this comprehensive list.


Preparing for moving day takes up way more time than most people realize. If you want everything to go smoothly, then you need to start organizing well in advance.  This includes planning what items you’ll take with you and what items you will sell or give away. You should also arrange some time to transfer all of your information from one property to the other – utility companies, subscriptions, insurance, licenses, practitioners, and banking information. Time should also be carved out for purchasing the packing supplies and equipment needed for the move.


One thing many people forget to do in advance is to take the measurements of their new place to ensure that everything will actually fit inside. We recommend measuring not only the room sizes but also the door sizes to figure out what furniture will need to be disassembled beforehand.

Arranging A Moving Company

Don’t leave this too late since your preferred moving company (us) may end up being booked up on the date you need to move.  Make sure you do all of the necessary research to find the most reliable movers that offer the best rates and service in your area


Unless you have arranged for packing as part of your moving plan, you will need to have everything packed and ready to go on moving day. You also have to take into consideration how long it will take to disassemble the furniture and what tools you will need. You should plan to give yourself enough time in advance to tackle each room and to have the items available that you need on a day-to-day basis. Labeling can help alleviate any frustrations and guarantee that you can find what you need and when you need it.


There’s likely going to be some items that you decide to leave behind. And usually, this will require finding necessary buyers or removal services to get rid of any of those items that won’t be tagging along to your new home. Make sure you plan for this in advance and know where items need to go and how you will get them there.


It’s also required that you leave your old place in a clean and tidy manner to avoid facing any cleaning fees. Don’t forget to plan out the time needed to give everything a thorough cleaning after you have packed and moved.

We hope this information will help improve your planning for moving day. For more tips and to schedule your move, contact us at Ottawa Moving Logistics today!

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