Should We Move Before or After Having Our Baby?

Should We Move Before or After Having Our Baby

When you’re set on expanding your family, it’s always important to take some time to reassess your current living conditions. Sure, you can always transform that spare office into a room for the baby, but do you really have space to comfortably live and grow together as a family? Sometimes, after assessing and then re-assessing, a move just makes more sense to accommodate the growth of the family. But, you may be faced with the decision of whether to move before or after having your baby. Since babies are incredibly sensitive to changing environments, and post-natal time can be very chaotic, the answer is usually before. Here are a few reasons to help explain why a pre-baby move is best.

It’s Better for The Baby

As mentioned, babies need to feel familiar with their environment. Having structure and consistency is important to make them feel safe and secure, and to also help establish healthy patterns, such as sleeping. It takes time for your little one to get used to the sounds, the bed, and everything in between. Uprooting them from those comforts can impact their ability to sleep, which of course, can affect yours.

Postnatal Recovery Takes Time

Before you have the baby, it may seem logical to wait and move once the baby is born. But once your new bundle of joy enters the world, it’s a whole new ball game. Postnatal recovery takes time – usually much more than most new parents expect. So throwing a big move into the mix, especially during the recovery period, often isn’t a good idea.

You Could Save Money

Preparing your current home with all of the necessary baby gear, and then having to face transporting it all to your new home, can equate to a costly move. On the other hand, by moving before having your baby and purchasing the baby gear afterwards, you’ll have fewer items to move, which will help you save money.

Take Advantage of Your Free Time

Prior to your baby’s arrival, you have a lot more free time available to handle the daunting moving process – house hunting, packing, meeting with realtors. With your baby in toe, you’ll be solely on their schedule, between nap time, feeding time, diaper changing time and everything in between. So take advantage of the time and energy that you can allot now to your move and get it out of the way.

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