How to Stave off Procrastination and Start Prepping for Moving Day

How to Stave off Procrastination and Start Prepping for Moving Day

Moving is something that most people only do when they really have to – certainly not because they want to or enjoy the experience. We understand that the hassle of tackling a relocation can be daunting to even think about. That’s why many homeowners often find themselves procrastinating as much as possible until it’s finally crunch time. The problem is at this point, with so much to do and organize, it can quickly turn into a flurry of chaos and stress which could have been avoided.

Learn below how you can stave off procrastination and start prepping for moving day now so you can experience a smooth, stress-free day when your final date rolls around.

Make a Plan

It’s hard to begin anything without a clear-cut plan of what you need to do. And without an idea, you can easily get overwhelmed and succumb to your couch and Netflix. So to help you avoid this situation, start by formulating a plan. Mark off in your calendar how much time you have and then create a list of all the things that you need to do before that date arrives. From there, prioritize your to-do items and try to create a little schedule to help keep yourself on track.

Chip Away at it Each Day

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but that’s because it’s true – start as early as possible. By giving yourself plenty of time to prepare and pack, you can slowly chip away at all of those tasks bit by bit, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. This is especially important if you already have a hectic schedule to juggle.

Make it More Enjoyable

Packing up your home doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. You can make it more enjoyable, or at least less painful to tackle by throwing on your favourite playlist or even putting on your favourite Netflix show to watch while you sort through your old clothing or pack away your drawers. That way you can be productive why also enjoying a little downtime to yourself.

Reward Yourself

Having a reward in place is always a compelling incentive to stave off procrastination and start prepping for the big moving day. This can be something as simple as indulging in a glass of wine once you’re done packing up your bathroom or watching that movie you’ve been dying to see once you’ve crossed off the to-do tasks for the day.

Moving can be a significant pain to endure, but it’s something that needs to be done whether you like it or not. And by getting yourself to chip away at it as early as you can, you’ll be able to sail through the actual moving date with far less stress and hassle. At Ottawa Moving Logistics, we can handle all of your moving-related needs for you – even packing and unpacking! When you need help with your big move, give us a call!

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