How to Pack Up Your Bedroom

Need to pack up your bedroom but don’t know where to start? Certain areas of the home can feel more overwhelming to tackle than others, which can lead to procrastination and last-minute panic mode. To avoid this, here are some helpful tips on how to pack up your bedroom.

Start with Non-Essential Stuff

Like with any area of your home, it’s best to begin packing up things that are non-essential. So anything you don’t use on a daily basis is where you should focus first. This can include your desk, knick-knacks, old memorabilia from your college days, your bookshelf and seasonal clothing. 

Disperse Weight

When you’re packing up your bedroom items, make sure you’re dispersing them to avoid overstuffing and adding too much weight to the boxes. For example, only place a few books in a single box and combine them with other lighter items. Keep testing the boxes as you pack by lifting them to see whether they are getting too heavy and need to be balanced out. 

Declutter Clothing

Before you start packing up your clothing, spend some time sifting through your closets and dressers to dejunk any items you don’t wear or that no longer fit. Any items that are in good condition, place them into a bag so you can drop them off at a donation center. Anything that’s too worn, discard or upcycle into rags if possible. Also, if you’re moving during the summer, pack up your fall and winter gear since you won’t be needing those any time soon. When you’re sorting through your closet, leave clothing on the hangers. It’s easier and makes the unpacking process faster since you can just hang them up right away. Bonus tip – use your suitcases to transport some of your clothing.

Pack Mirrors in Original Box

If you kept a few old boxes for electronics or mirrors, use them to place them back in for moving day. If you didn’t keep them, try to find boxes that are strong and sturdy, and use extra wrapping to protect them from moving around.

Disassemble Your Bed and Wrap Up Mattress

When you’re removing your mattress, lean it upright and wrap it up well to protect it from dirt, damage and the weather. When you’re taking the bed frame apart, make sure you keep all of the screws and other bits safely together so you don’t lose them. It can be a nightmare when you get to your new place and can’t find the right pieces to put your bed back together.

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