How Can I Get My Children Excited to Move?

how can i get my children excited to move?

Children often dread moving homes. And can you really blame them? Saying goodbye to all of their friends (distance-depending) and familiar things isn’t easy, especially when they’re young. Luckily, there are a few tricks that you can try to get your children excited to move. Here are a few handy tips that may help get your little ones more excited about their new chapter of living in a new home.

Talk To Them About The Change

It’s important to remember that a child won’t really understand what’s happening until you explain it to them. Young children may even think the family is breaking up, so when they start to worry, remind them what’s not going to change. Tell them that the family will be moving together and that they will still have all their favourite stuff, like their toys and games. And remind them that they can always talk to their friends online or during school to help ease their separation anxiety.

Show Them Pictures of Their New Home

One way to get your kids excited to move is to show them all the cool features of their new home. Show them photos and highlight all of the features that they can look forward to when they arrive, like a new playroom or backyard.

Show Them the Area

What will their new school be like? Where will they meet friends? You can help reduce some of these pre-move nerves by showing them around the area. Research all the cool spots for kids, where their school is located,k and take a drive to show them the area so they can start to see how great the new neighbourhood is.

Curtail Your Stress

Your children read your body language, and if they sense that you’re stressed about the move, they will start to feel the same. Whenever you talk about the move or organize things in front of your children, try to stay upbeat and positive. You should also tailor your language to use only optimistic phrases like “packing is fun” and “your toys are going on an exciting ride in the truck,” even when you’re slightly freaking out or feeling overwhelmed.

Empower Them

You can help empower your kids instead of making them feel like the decision is completely out of their hands by giving them some say during the moving process. By letting them do their own packing, decorate their new room, help pick new colours for the living room, or perform other little tasks that get them involved, you can help them feel like they’re more included in what’s happening.

Get Back to Normal

Once you’ve moved in, try to unpack your child’s room as quickly as possible. Try to get things back to normal as soon as you can so that your kids can feel comfortable in their new environment. If they have easy access to the things that make them feel safe like their toys, blankets, and games, they will be more likely to settle in and feel more excited about the whole process.

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