Helping Your Parents With Their Move

Helping Your Parents With Their MoveMoving can be a tedious process overall, which is why it can be extra challenging and even dangerous for our ageing parents. Aside from being physically demanding, moving can take an emotional toll on them as well. To make the process easier and safer, here are some simple ways to help your parents with their move.

Encourage Them to Start Early

There’s a lot to do when it comes to moving, so the earlier they can start, the easier it will be. Downsizing from a family home can also require more time since there are so many memories tied to the home, and your parents will likely need time to process it all as they move through the packing stage. Be there to offer your assistance and emotional support while also gently nudging them forward to get through everything in time for their moving date. 

Help Organize

With so much to sift through, it can be easy to get lost or overwhelmed by everything. Help them stay organized by making a to-do list and a light schedule to help keep them on track. You can start in one room at a time and keep a separate space for any items that will be donated, sold or discarded.

Book Movers Early

Have your parents booked their moving date? This should be done as soon as they know when they will be moving since certain seasons can get busy, which means movers can book up quickly. To ensure they get their preferred date, call to book the movers well in advance, so they don’t have to stress about it later. Hiring a professional, reputable company will make the process much easier, safer, and smoother for everyone involved.

Help Clean

When everything is packed up, one significant way to help out your parents is by cleaning. Sweep and mop the floors and tie up any loose ends that need it so that it’s left in a clean and presentable state for the new owners.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Your parents will need some essentials that they can easily access while the moving process is taking place. Help them pack up an overnight bag with clothing, medications, toiletries, and anything they will need for a few days while the boxes are being unpacked. 

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