5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring a Moving Company

Relocating is not a fun undertaking. Whether it’s residential or corporate, there are lots of tasks involved that are crucial for a smooth and easy process. But finding the time and ability to organize it all in between your day-to-day life can feel overwhelming. That’s why hiring professional movers is always worth it. They have the skills and expertise to ensure all of your belongings are handled with care and that everything is done correctly to avoid any mishaps. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider hiring a moving company for your upcoming move.

Eliminate the Stress

Handling a big move on your own isn’t easy. It requires plenty of time to organize and tackle all of the crucial details involved, such as purchasing moving supplies and having adequate protection for any fragile items that require extra care. With a trained team of professionals to lean on, they can take care of all the important details while keeping you on track and informed about the entire coordinated move.

You Can Rely on Them

You can’t always rely on friends and family to sacrifice a weekend afternoon to lug boxes. Hiring a moving company means you won’t have to worry about who will show up to help. They are fully trained and responsible for arriving on time to ensure the move goes off without a hitch.

Save Time

Professional movers know what they’re doing. They have all of the proper footwear, equipment, and experience to maneuver your belongings in a fast, efficient, and safe manner. They’ll carry everything for you, load up the truck strategically, and save you an ample amount of time compared to doing it on your own.


Lifting heavy pieces of furniture down and up flights of stairs and in harsh weather conditions can also become a safety hazard if you’re inexperienced. With the proper footing and experience behind them, movers can guarantee your safety and the welfare of your belongings as well.

It’s Worth It

When it comes down to it, having a team of professionals takes care of this monumental task is worth it. Aside from saving you time and aggravation, a trained and certified team can also offer you accountability and save you money by providing everything that’s needed in one sweep for an efficient and hassle-free move.

Our team at Ottawa Moving Logistics is comprised of professional movers who are trained, experienced, and dedicated to ensuring your move goes as easily as possible. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Preparing Your Business for a Move

Has your company decided to move to a new location? It’s a big job, but with some planning and help, you can ensure that it goes off without a hitch. Learn everything you need here to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible from beginning to end.

Start Early

There’s a lot to plan for when moving a business, so the earlier you start the better. Most small moves can be arranged in three to six months, but if you’re working on moving a corporation or number of departments, you might want to give yourself a solid year to prepare. Taking the time to carefully plan in advance can save yourself the headache of underestimating the move time that could leave you scrambling at the last minute. 

Create an Inventory List

First things first, you should create a detailed inventory list of all the assets of the company. This includes all the furniture, equipment, and appliances, including the total number of desks, chairs, computers, servers, and phones. Once you have a detailed list, it’s time to ask for the blueprints of the new space.

Ask for the Blueprints

If the company is downsizing to a smaller space, all your current equipment and inventory might not fit in the new space. It’s important to take some time to figure out what assets will come with you and what will be sold off or tossed out in advance. Forgetting this step will only cost you time and money in transporting items that won’t work in your new space. So be sure to measure the dimensions of your current furniture and compare it to the blueprints of the property.  

Set Up a Transition Team

Planning an entire business move on your own can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. It’s best to form a transition team and divvy up the workload to ensure everything gets done on time. Asking one person from each department to help manage the tasks and streamline the process to make sure that everyone is packed and ready to go on time. 

Label Everything

If you’ve moved homes before you understand how vital it is to label all your belongings.  Now just imagine multiplying the number of boxes you had by 10 or even 100. The only way to keep track of all the office items during and after the move is to have a label-based system for each department. For ease of use, also remember to label each box with the information of who the items belong to, the department, and a brief description of the contents.

Hire a Moving Company with Experience

You can save yourself a lot of stress and frustration by hiring a moving company that is experienced with business moves. A majority will have a moving coordinator that you can use to help you through the process and ensure that everything is lined up come move day. 

Planning a business move? Contact us at Ottawa Moving Logistics. Our team is the top choice for commercial moves in Ottawa. With every move, you’ll receive a trained Supervisor/Manager to ensure that you have constant communication on your project every step along the way. Our team is also well-trained and equipped to handle the biggest moves. Learn more about our services today!

5 Benefits of Moving in the Winter

Does moving in the dead of winter sound like a bad idea to you? Not to us! Winter moves have many benefits over spring and summer ones. From saving money to less competition, here are 5 benefits of moving in the winter that could change your opinion after all.

Lower Costs

Winter is the slowest season of them all. Moving companies will often offer discounts and benefits to attract customers during this time of year. By booking a winter move, you can save significantly off the costs compared to the warmer months.

Less Competition

With fewer people moving this time of year, you have less competition to worry about. You’ll have a better chance of getting the moving date and time you prefer without having to search around elsewhere. With fewer clients on the go, it’s also less likely to experience delays. Movers can be more flexible if something comes up that could push your date out a few days.

Extra Time and Attention

With fewer moves to complete in a day, the movers can take their time and be more focused on your move. The extra attention that they can give you and your belongings will greatly reduce the risk of broken items or damaged goods.

More Storage Options

Finding out the last minute that you need storage in the summer can leave you in a bind. Not in the wintertime. If you need to store any of your belongings, you’ll have a better chance of finding space since storage facility occupancy rates typically drop in the winter months. This lets you take advantage of the open space and better rates.

Less Damage

Stifling hot moving trucks can cause sensitive materials to melt and breakdown. Electronics, antiques, vinyl records, and wood products tend to do poorly in the heat. If you move in the winter, everything will be kept cool in the back of the truck, reducing the risk of damage.

Our highly experienced and professional team at Ottawa Moving Logistics provides winter moving services that you can rely on. If you want to avoid the hassle of a spring and summer move, we can arrange to move you in the offseason. Our dedicated services ensure that you get the best move no matter what season it is. Learn more about our process and pricing today!  We’re ready to help you get your move on.

5 Things You Forget to Consider Before Your Move

Gearing up for a move can be daunting, which is why it’s always tempting to procrastinate as much as possible. But this can create far more stress when you’re pressed for time and still have an entire house to organize and pack up. The truth is, moving doesn’t have to be as painful as it seems. By starting early and being prepared, you can breeze through it with minimal hassle. To help you stay on track and organized for your big moving day, here are a few of the most common things you may forget to consider before your move.

How Can You Make the Transition Process as Easy as Possible?

Whether it’s your first official move or your tenth, the moving process can be chaotic, stressful and even confusing if you’re not properly prepared. There are lots of tasks involved and all are important to complete before the moving date, such as cancelling subscriptions and setting up utilities and other services before you arrive at your new place. One simple way you can stay on track and make the process much easier is by starting with a big To-Do list. Once you’ve done your research and know what things you need to tackle, write everything down and then prioritize it. As mentioned, the earlier you can start to chip away at your list, the easier the move will be.

Is It Worth Doing It on Your Own?

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of doing the move solo or hiring a company, make sure to carefully consider your options before settling on your decision. Even the best of friends can make a run for it once you mention your move, and there’s nothing worse than being stranded with little to no help, having to lug boxes on your own. Hiring a professional moving company may come at a higher price, but remember it’s always important to weigh the cost versus convenience, especially if you’re limited on time with a hectic schedule.

Have You Reconfirmed Details with Your New Landlord?

Be sure to speak with your landlord or property management company closer to your moving date to remind them and reconfirm those important details, such as reserving parking for the moving truck, reserving the elevator if needed, and any other details that they may have forgotten to mention way back when you first shook hands. It’s easy enough for those minor and necessary details to be forgotten.

Have You Said Goodbye to Your Neighbours?

If you’ve lived in your former neighbourhood for years, don’t forget to say goodbye to your neighbours. Even if you weren’t very close, it’s always nice to say a personal goodbye and wish them luck. 

Have You De-junked?

Finally, de-junking is always an important thing to consider before you move. Take the opportunity to sort through your belongings and toss or donate what you no longer use or need. This can also make the moving process go faster with fewer items to move.

Make your entire moving process as simple as possible with the help of Ottawa Moving Logistics. Our team is dedicated to providing honest and reliable moving services for residential or commercial relocations. Find all of the services you need, including special equipment and packing and unpacking services. Allow us to assist you! Contact us today to get a quote and lock in your date.

What Is The Busiest Moving Season And Why

Are you planning to relocate in the near future? Wondering if your timeframe might fall within the peak period for moving? Well, if you’re planning it in the summertime, that’s when the busy season really kicks off, and it can even extend into the beginning of the fall. We’ve got all of the information you need to plan out your upcoming move so you can avoid it or plan well ahead of time to beat the rush. 

The Summer Rush

School’s out which means more college students will be heading home for the summer. This is also a popular time when new graduates will be moving away to start new jobs. So, from early summer until September, you should expect the student summer rush to kick in, causing prices and demand to surge.

The Weather Is Ideal for Moving

If you’ve never had to endure a winter move, consider yourself lucky. Aside from it being bitterly cold, it’s also slippery, messy and more dangerous when you’re handling heavy, bulky items. So naturally, the pleasant summer weather makes it a more favourable time of year to move, especially in our northern climate here in Canada. With longer, brighter days, and no snow, ice or bitter winds to contend with, summer moves just make sense. 

It’s A Common Time for Leases to Expire

The end of June and July can also be common timeframes for leases to expire, giving many renters the push to look elsewhere and make a move. This is another reason why the summer tends to be the busiest.

More Free Time

There are many businesses that flip to summer hours during this time of year, giving employees more time to get off work early, take advantage of those long weekends and enjoy the weather. Since it’s a common slow time for many companies, people often have more free time to plan, prepare and book time off to get their home and family ready to relocate.

Popular House Hunting Time

Thanks to the nice weather, the beginning of summer is also peak time for homebuyers to get out on the prowl. With the sun shining, buyers can easily and thoroughly evaluate properties, including the condition of the roof, backyard and other important areas that would otherwise be covered in snow during the winter.

Once the summer season kicks off, you can expect moving companies to book up fast! So, if you’re gearing up for a move, make sure to plan accordingly and lock in your date. Plan ahead and book your date at Ottawa Moving Logistics now to get the professional and reliable services you can count on. 

Why Families With Kids Love Living in Ottawa

Are you thinking of starting a family or already have kids and are thinking of relocating? The Nation’s Capital is the perfect location for families to settle down since it’s a great middle ground between the city hassle of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Here is what Ottawa has to offer to families.  


High Quality Of Life

In North America, Ottawa has the second highest quality of life. If this statistic doesn’t impress you, this city is extremely family oriented, quiet and reserved. Healthcare in Ontario is very accessible as there are many walk-in clinics and great hospitals in every corner of the city. Another advantage that Ottawa has to offer is its low crime rate in comparison to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Edmonton. Cleanliness is an important factor for the city, making it a high priority for the City of Ottawa. In a Mercer survey, Ottawa ranked as the third cleanest city worldwide and Canada’s second cleanest city. Ottawa continues to build a great reputation and strive for the highest quality of life that it can offer to its citizens. 



Thankfully Ottawa is a bilingual city giving you the option to enroll your kid in French or English education. There is also the option to decide whether your child will be attending public or Catholic school. These options are great for those that have religion and language preferences. Ottawa offers two reputable universities, The University of Ottawa and Carleton University. The capital’s workforce is highly educated, with half of the employees being graduates. It also has the largest concentration of scientists, engineers and Ph.D. recipients in Canada. 


Job Opportunities

Ottawa offers various job opportunities with one of its biggest employers being the Federal Government. In 2018, the average unemployment rate in Canada was 5.9%, Ottawa’s was the lowest with 4.4%. Different sectors in the capital city constantly seek new employees such as schools, tourism, hospitals, universities. High-tech companies have settled in Ottawa, and the capital often gets referred to as being the Silicon Valley North. With the plentiful construction and remodelling of Ottawa, construction jobs will be expanded and created. 



You will always find something to do in Ottawa. You can expand your historical knowledge by visiting the various museums, participating in festivals and getting involved in sports. The city is extremely laid back, but there are still ways to find like-minded individuals to partake in any activity you’d like. 


If you’re looking to move to the nation’s capital, contact us at Ottawa Moving Logistics. We will provide a safe and reliable service for all your moving needs. 

Preparing Your Parents For A Move

Are your parents thinking of downsizing from their family home or moving to a retirement home? These changes might be for financial or health reasons, either way making it a challenge to live in their current home. In old age, it can become increasingly difficult to move physically, and it can be equally mentally draining to have to move from a lifelong family home. There are many factors to prepare your parents for a move; here are some important tips for handling this move with grace. 


Having A Conversation

Having your parents downsize from a childhood home can be devasting as there are years of memories build into it. When all the kids have moved out, and there is no longer a need for a large house, consider having a conversation with your parents about their future living situation. Your parents will be thankful that you have approached them to discuss their emotional and physical wellbeing. This might be a difficult conversation to have, but it is necessary. 


Location, Location, Location!

Location is one of the most important components in deciding where to move. Especially in old age, it is important to live close to family members, friends and essential amenities and services: grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals. When it becomes harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle, your neighbourhood can be a great way to stay active. If your area has walking trails, parks, or a community center, you will want to enjoy the surroundings, and you’ll want to make the most out of what your area has to offer. 


Only Pack The Essentials

There are many factors that need to be considered if your parents are planning on downsizing. Ensuring that what is being brought to the new house are only the essentials as there won’t be space for the “extras.” If items don’t have a sentimental value explain to your parents that these aren’t essentials and can be sold or can be passed down to family members. Making long-term solutions is crucial to avoid the hassle of remodelling or relocating. There are many ways to make your transition smoother such as redecorating. As this can be an emotional experience, put up picture frames to ensure that memories are being preserved and are accessible. 


Downsizing is a very challenging experience for both parents and children. If your parents have decided that this is the best option for them, contact us at Ottawa Moving Logistics. We provide the highest quality and packing services for both residential and commercial clients. Book your move today! 

Planning Your Fall Move? Start Now!

Gearing up for a move this fall? Don’t wait until the last minute to get organized! Though the sunny summer weather is never an ideal time to get your home life sorted for a move, it’s just something that has to be done. The best way to tackle your move with the least amount of stress and aggravation is by starting now and planning out everything that needs to get done before your official move-in date. Here, we have some pro tips on how to get started and how you can squeeze it all in without hampering your summer plans and stressing.


Create a Detailed To-Do List

Whether you prefer a pen and paper or your mobile device, get started by creating a detailed to-do list. This will help you stay on track during those times when you don’t know where or what to focus on. And by prioritizing the list, you’ll be able to use your time more efficiently, which means you’ll have more time to enjoy those warm weekends with friends.


Book Your Movers Now

Though summer is the busiest time of year for moving, the fall can also book up fast, especially as people try to avoid moving in the sweltering summer heat. So be sure to do your research, find a reputable moving company and lock in your moving date with them ASAP. This should be one of the first tasks to get sorted on your to-do list.


Clear Out Junk

Moving is always the best time to go through all of your belongings and determine what you no longer want or need to keep around. Choose one area per week to dejunk so you can chip away at it without feeling overwhelmed during the process. Remember, the less stuff you have to move, the more you can save since there’ll be fewer boxes for the movers to haul.


Pack Strategically

Don’t make your future self suffer from the aftermath of poor packing. Think ahead and pack strategically to make the unpacking process less daunting. Store similar items in the same containers and clearly label every box. This will make it easy and quick for the movers to place boxes into the correct rooms so you won’t need to move stuff around once they’re gone.


Have Your New Home Prepped and Ready

Don’t forget to arrange your essentials in your new home, such as utilities, cable, Internet and anything else that’s necessary. Also, make sure to talk to your landlord or previous owners to ensure you’ll have parking available, the elevator booked and the keys in hand when you need them. The last thing you want to deal with is any surprises on the big moving day.

Experience professional and courteous moving services with Ottawa Moving Logistics. Your move is important to us, and we’re committed to showing you why we’re different from other moving companies. Our dedicated team is here to keep your moving day as easy and hassle-free as possible. Contact us today to book your fall move!

Your Guide to Moving in the Summer: 6 Essential Tips and Tricks

As the summer approaches, the most popular moving season starts to kick into full gear. And with so many people relocating during this time of year, you need to be prepared and book your movers well ahead of time. Help make your move easy peasy with our top tips and tricks for moving in the summer.


Start As Soon As You Can

The earlier you can start your moving and organizational process, the better. Getting a jump start will give you ample time to sort through your items and figure out what needs to get done so you can be entirely ready for the day of the move. During this initial stage, we recommend starting with a checklist of what needs to get done and prioritizing so you can chip away at it every day.


Book With A Reputable Moving Company ASAP

Since summer is the busiest moving season, it means good reputable moving companies will book up fast. So make sure you lock in your date with a top-rated moving company that you can depend on well ahead of the season. Search through reviews online and ask around through family members and friends for recommendations.


Mitigate Summer Costs

Since the summer is an easier time to move and people often have more time off of work, it’s also an expensive one since you’re competing with a surge in demand for movers. This can hike up the price and force you to pay more in comparison to offseason. But you can help to manage those expenses by being strategic and smart. Dejunk and get rid of any unused belongings that you have. That way, you’ll only need to move the items you really care about which will also reduce the time and cost to move. You can also set up a garage sale or sell your unwanted stuff online. Get creative to help balance out those higher fees.


Be Smart With Your Move-Out Date

It’s important to really consider the timeframe of your move and how it will coincide with the busy summer season. Try to avoid booking your move around the start or end of the summer, and steer clear of the weekends if possible. Scheduling during a weekday around the middle of the month can help you save more.


Be Cautious When Moving Heat-Sensitive Items

The temperature can get pretty stifling here in Ottawa, which can end up impacting certain items like any heat-sensitive electronics. So be mindful and keep any sensitive tech gear well protected and away from the blazing sun during the move.


Stay Hydrated

Even if you’re not doing much of the moving, it can still take a lot out of you during those hot summer days. Always keep plenty of water on hand to stay safe and hydrated during your summer move.


Need reputable movers in the Ottawa area? Ottawa Moving Logistics has you covered! Get the moving service you can count on to keep your belongings safe and your move hassle-free. Contact us today to secure your date for your summer move!

Here Is What Makes Us Different

Ottawa Moving logistics is a locally-owned and operated business with a reputation for honest, professional, and dependable service. When your entire life’s belongings have to be packed up and transported to your new home, having a reputable and experienced moving company to assist can offer the reassurance you need to feel confident. There’s a reason why we’ve been serving our community for years with glowing reviews to back our standard of service – we’re dedicated to serving our customers as we would expect to be treated. Leave your items in the hands of experts who care at O.M.L.


Learn more about our team of experienced movers and all of the services that we offer to help with your upcoming move.


Your Needs Are Our Priority


At O.M.L we strive to provide the highest standards to our customers. Your needs are our number one priority and we’ll do everything possible to ensure that you’re satisfied every step along the way. We always go the extra mile to make sure that everything is done right, on time and on budget.


We Treat Your Belongings With Respect


Our team will never cut corners to save time or money. In fact, our movers treat your belongings as if they were their own. You can expect your items to be transported with care and respect every time.


Extensive Experience


Any business is only as strong as its team. That’s why at O.M.L we hire site leaders that have extensive experience and a strong worth ethic to oversee each move. Our current team has 37 years of combined knowledge and expertise – something we are incredibly proud of. They’re polite, trustworthy, and friendly which is what truly helps our company to shine above the rest.


Full Service Company


You can count on us to take care of all your moving needs. Whether you’re moving within Ottawa, from Gatineau, or out of town, we have an affordable moving option for you. And we don’t just take care of residential moves – we can also move your business to a new office, retail or factory space. Need storage, moving supplies or home delivery? We offer that too! Plus, we are well-versed in senior moving and are comfortable moving mobility equipment when needed.


French and English


Need a bilingual moving company? We’re your team! We can communicate in both French and English to ease any tension in the move and help you understand what’s going on to the best of our ability.


Bonded and Insured


Safety is a top priority, which is why we don’t leave anything to chance. Our entire team of movers are bonded, and WSIB covered. This covers our employees in a case of injury as well as yourself to protect from any liability.


Full Transparency


Our mission is to always be fully transparent with our customers. So you can rest assured that you’ll never be surprised with hidden fees when you hire O.M.L for your move. We clearly state everything in our service agreement and make sure you sign off before anything is booked.


A+ Rating


We can toot our horn all day long, but what really matters is what our clients have to say about our business. Before you make a decision, check out our reviews! We are proud of our reputation and our A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.


More Than Just a Moving Company


Our business is so much more than just a team of movers. We spent countless years developing this company through honesty, integrity, and efficiency to provide our customers with the best experience during this often chaotic process. We love what we do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Learn more about our services by visiting our website or contact us today to let us know how we can help you with your next move!