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are you ready to move yet? here's how to find out.

Think you have everything in order for your move? If you’re unsure whether everything is under control, just make sure to check this quick list to be certain. We’ll show you if your business is ready to move with these 5 tasks that you should have already completed before packing up and heading out the door.

Is Your Moving Date Locked Down?

Once you’ve settled on the move in date, you’ll need to contact and arrange a reputable commercial moving company. It’s important to have your date locked in with the movers well ahead of time, as many moving companies will book up months and seasons in advance. And if you’re moving out of or into a building with multiple businesses, you’ll also need permission from the property management to book an elevator ahead of time so you can have everything ready to go.

Have You Done Your Moving Prep?

Before you can be ready to move, you should have all of your moving prep organized and out of the way. For instance, at this point, you should already have decided what company items you will transport and which ones you will need to get rid of. If you’re not giving the leftover items away to charity, you should arrange for a junk removal company to pick up the items well ahead of your moving date.

Have You Let Everyone Know?

Another prep item you should have taken care of is the address change over. You should have filled in or be in the process of completing the change of address forms for the appropriate government agencies, insurance companies, corporate bank accounts, utility companies and any service providers you will continue to use. Just don’t forget to let your clients and customers know that you’re moving and how they can reach you.

Have You Disposed of all the “Non-Allowables?”

There are a number of items that are not allowed to be placed on the moving truck. These include hazardous items that may be flammable or toxic. Certain liquids and perishable food items may also be on the non-allowable list provided by the moving company. So before your company moves, your boxes should be packed appropriately with any hazardous items already disposed of at the correct waste handling centre.

Do You Have all the Supplies Ready?

When it’s time to start packing up all your items, you’ll need boxes, banker boxes, tape rollers, bubble wrap, and markers for labelling. You can buy boxes from your moving company or order them online from an office supply store. We also recommend that you start to pack well in advance if you haven’t arranged the moving company to do it for you. Non-essential items can be boxed up weeks ahead of your move date and stored in a secure location until the big day. Getting a jump start on your packing process can alleviate so much stress for all the staff when the date finally arrives.

At Ottawa Moving Logistics, we can take the pain out of moving. We have everything your business needs for a successful and hassle-free move. Contact us today to find out what we offer and how we can help your business get ready for the big day.

The Most Common Moving Issues

Moving should be just like a well-orchestrated event from beginning to end. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case! Sometimes things go wrong – terribly wrong – which can impact your entire move. That’s why we’re here to show you some of the most common moving issues that we witness on a regular basis so you can learn from and hopefully avoid these problems altogether when it’s time for your move.

Too Few Movers

Some moving companies will underestimate the load and only send two movers when you really need four. The result can equate to a rushed job with broken and damaged items. It’s also likely to result in increased transit times, which can create delivery issues for clients.

Improper Packing

One of the most common faults experienced when moving is a lack of proper preparation and packing beforehand. If items are not grouped together properly (delicates, clothes, dishes, etc.), then damages can occur as a result of mismatched weights. The moving process can even become delayed if there are overstuffed/oversized boxes or poorly packed boxes to deal with.


During the busy summer season, there are a lot of requests for moves. So it’s easy for a company to take advantage by double booking two moves in a day. This can lead to extreme delays, last minute cancellations and even the need to hire temporary employees that are untrained.

Unprepared House

If you’re moving cross-border, it’s likely that you won’t be able to inspect the house before you move. However, if you show up and there is still furniture that needs to be moved or a big mess left over from previous owners, it can cause delays and issues for your movers.

Damaged Goods

You might think that you’re saving money but using a discount service could cost you more in the long-run. There are many discount moving services out there, but it’s always a risk to use one. They often are staffed with inexperienced movers who don’t have the proper training, equipment or insurance coverages to ensure your valuable items are protected. That’s why it’s always wise to use a professional moving service with a well-established reputation.

Our moving service never sacrifices on value – ever. At Ottawa Moving Logistics, we always take the necessary steps to properly plan and prepare your move and to help you avoid any of these common moving issues. To find out more about our services, contact us directly, and we’ll be happy to help.

How to Smoothly Perform a Winter Move

Moving in the wintertime has lots of advantages, but if you’re not fully prepared, it can also have quite a few setbacks. To ensure your move is safe and timely, it’s always wise to be aware of any potential issues in advance so you can take necessary precautions to avoid them.

Here are five ways you can smoothly perform a winter move with little hassle.

Clear Away Any Snow

It’s important to have shovels on hand to remove any snow and ice along pathways leading to your home before the movers arrive. Slippery conditions can result in damaged goods and also injured movers. So always ensure that any walkways and stairs are cleared and salted so that dollies, carts, and movers can move about without the risk of falling.

Winterize Your New Home

Before you move into your new home, you should arrange to have it winterized and prepped in advanced. Something people commonly forget is to have the heat and electricity arranged and turned on a few days before arrival. There’s nothing worse than being stuck without any heat during the winter, even for a few days. So this is an important one to remember!

It’s also imperative to arrange for the snow to be cleared away with salted pathways to make it safe and easy for movers to transport your items into your new home. If you’re moving out of town, ask the rental agent to help you winterize your new home before you arrive, or talk to your moving company about what they offer in regards to this.

Protect Your Home

You can use cardboard, plastic sheeting, and old strips of carpet to protect your flooring and carpets from water and salt. Just make sure that the protective layer is taped down so that no one trips on any loose edges.

Bundle Up

Moving can take a few hours, and when you’re constantly moving from the warm indoors to the cold outdoors, you could become susceptible to exhaustion and even frostbite if you don’t bundle up properly. Make sure to wear appropriate gear to stay warm. It’s also helpful to have some hot beverages on hand to keep everyone warm when it’s time for a break.

Leave It To The Professionals

When it comes to moving, the pros have the experience to get the job done safely during the wintertime. They have all the equipment, supplies, and materials to safeguard your belongings and prevent injuries. So let the professionals do the work and take care of the process for you.

Have A Backup Plan

Always have a backup plan in case a storm blows in. Talk to the moving company to find out what their policies are about weather conditions and rescheduling. You should also talk to your realtor in advance about what to do in case of bad weather. You may be able to arrange a few extra days between your scheduled move for any last-minute problems.

If you’re wondering how to perform a winter move smoothly, our team At Ottawa Moving Logistics can help. Our team of expert movers is fully trained and insured to move you and your belongings in the wintertime with safely, efficiently and without any hassle. Contact us today to learn more.