What Should You Ask your Potential Movers?

What Should You Ask your Potential Movers

Getting ready to hire a moving company and not sure what you should ask? Not asking the right questions could leave you with costly regrets. No two moving companies are exactly alike, so you want to make sure you find the most reliable, professional, and affordable service out there for your move.

Here are 5 questions you should have lined up to ask your potential movers before making a decision.

Can You Provide a List of References?

Doing basic research online to ascertain a company’s credentials won’t always provide you with an accurate or clear picture of their performance. You should also ask around through your family, friends, and coworkers to hear their direct experience and recommendations. Your background check should also be supplemented by asking for a list of references. A mover’s willingness to provide you with some references, along with basic info like how long they’ve been in business for, can highlight their trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism.

What are your Costs and Fees?

Don’t be afraid to ask for a full list of all their costs including any potential hidden fees and how your type of move will be billed – per weight, per hour, or per volume, for instance. You should also inquire about any potential expenses that you are required to cover, like driver’s lodgings, food, and gas.  If the pricing seems acceptable to you and you would like to proceed, ask for a binding estimate to see if they will agree to the rate in advance of the move, providing you with some protection.

What Kind of Protection Do You Offer?

Before you sign anything, you should also question how the movers will safeguard your belongings. Ask what types of equipment and tools they use, what coverings and materials they offer, what their insurance policy and claims process is, and how they protect their workers in case of injury. You don’t want to be liable for anyone being injured on your property. Plus, it’s important to know if the company will be liable for any damaged goods in relation to their wrongdoing.

How Long Will the Move Take?

If you’re moving to another city or across borders, you should ask how long it’s expected to take. Don’t forget to inquire if there could be any potential holdups with customs or border crossings. Knowing all of the fine details in regards to timing before you hire a mover can help you better plan for the closing date and any necessary lodging expenses.

Do You Offer any Extra Services?

It doesn’t hurt to ask if they have any extra services such as packing or unpacking. Getting an idea of what is available can help you find the best moving company for your specific needs.

When you have moving questions, we are always willing to answer them honestly. At Ottawa Moving Logistics, we take pride in our expert, professional, and reliable moving services. Call us today and ask away!

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