6 Tips for Getting Settled in Your New Home

6 Tips for Getting Settled in Your New Home

Those first few days after you’ve moved into your new place can come with a whirlwind of emotions. One minute you’re beaming with excitement and the next, you’re feeling flustered, overwhelmed and don’t know where to even start. If this sounds like you, we have some helpful tips for getting settled in your new home. These will help you focus, prioritize your tasks and feel excited about your new, fresh slate.

Transfer Utilities and Services

If you haven’t done this already, one of the first things you need to do before you can get settled into your new home is to transfer any of your utilities and services over to your new address. This will include gas, water, electricity, phone, internet and cable. If you can do this before you move, even better.

Clean Before Unpacking

Before you open any boxes, it’s a good idea to clean your new home. Even if it looks decent, chances are it’s not as clean you want it to be, and it will feel more like home once you’ve gone over everything yourself. We recommend wiping down the shelves and cupboards before you unpack as well! 

Get Unpacking Done ASAP

Unpacking can be tedious, but having boxes lying around for months after you’ve moved in will definitely prevent you from feeling settled in. Make a plan to get the unpacking done as soon as possible. To start, prioritize the boxes that are most important, like the kitchen and bathroom items. Then work your way through the rest of your belongings each day so you can chip away without feeling exhausted.

Check Safety Features

When you move into a new home, it’s a good time to check your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. Take a few minutes to see if they work and have functioning batteries. And make sure your fire extinguisher isn’t expired. 

Explore Your New Neighbourhood

Moving to a new place is exciting! So get out to explore and learn more about your new hood. See what amenities are close by, where the closest park is, along with public transportation and other features that will be close to home.


Once you’ve endured and survived the moving process, make sure you take time to relax, celebrate and enjoy the feeling of being a new homeowner. You deserve it!

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