6 Tips for Downsizing

6 Tips for Downsizing

Downsizing is something that we all have to face at some point or another. And letting go of certain possessions can be stressful and emotionally taxing. But with a little bit of planning, you can minimize the stress and make the process as simple as possible for you or your loved one. When you’re ready to take on this process, here are some tips for downsizing,

Start Now

Downsizing isn’t something that can be done in the span of a week. You’ll need lots of time to peel through your belongings and determine what to keep and let go of. This process can take an emotional toll, so give yourself extra time to reminisce as you purge. Begin this process at least four weeks prior to moving.

Take One Room at a Time

When you think about the process in its entirety, it can feel very overwhelming. To avoid this, break the process down into baby steps. Start with one room at a time and focus on one section of the room at a time. For example, having to downsize your entire living room can be overwhelming. Simplifying it to a clean-up of the bookshelves or TV console might be a better place to start. 

Understand What You Need

While you’re sifting through your possessions to figure out what to keep and get rid of, make sure you’re fully aware of what you need for your new home. You don’t want to end up discarding items that you’ll actually use once you relocate. 

Don’t Keep Duplicates

One easy rule to help minimize excess stuff is to get rid of any duplicates. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, think about whether you really need that extra hair dryer or if it’s just adding to the clutter.

Keep Separate Bins For Recycling and Donating

To keep everything organized as you go, keep bins or bags handy so you can separate and organize the stuff that you’ll be recycling, donating or discarding. 

Choose a Few of Your Collectibles to Keep

If you have collectibles that are taking up a lot of space, consider keeping just a few of them. You could snap photos of the rest to create a book as a keepsake to remember them. Otherwise, they might just end up being stuffed away in storage again where you won’t get to see or appreciate them at all.

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