6 Moving Supplies You Need

6 Moving Supplies You NeedLike with any seemingly overwhelming task, having the right tools can make all the difference. If you’re facing an upcoming move and are dreading the packing process, here are the essential moving supplies you’ll need to sail through it with ease.

Multiple Size Boxes

Of course, you can’t pack up anything without boxes. But choosing the right kind of box is important. Make sure you’re using strong, sturdy moving boxes, and don’t forget to grab a variety of different sizes. You can purchase them from your local moving company, office supply store, or you can grab some free ones from the liquor store. You’ll need a good amount of smaller boxes for those heavier items and specific sizes for items like artwork or lamps.

Tape Dispenser and Packing Tape

To assemble and securely seal up those boxes, you’ll need a tape gun dispenser and tape. You can use standard packing tape or nylon lined tape, which is handy for any boxes that need extra reinforcement. Nylon tape is useful for fragile items as well since it’s impossible to cut or tear unless you use scissors. 

Permanent Markers

Labelling the boxes as you pack them up will save you so much time and aggravation when it’s time to unpack them. Use a thick marker so you can easily see your labels when you’re sorting through and shuffling boxes during your move. This will also make it quick and easy for the movers to place boxes in the correct rooms. 

Packing Paper

To prevent your belongings from being damaged during the move, use packing paper to wrap your fragile items up thoroughly. Avoid using newspaper since it can leave ink marks behind on certain items. Instead, use towels, tea towels and even clothing to add extra cushioning and protection if needed.

Mattress Cover

No one wants to arrive in their new home and discover a soiled and damp mattress. To keep your mattress clean and dry from the weather, use mattress covers to seal them and protect them during transport. Make sure you have the right size for each mattress so they will cover them completely. 

Basic Tools

Moving typically requires some basic disassembling, so have a few tools on hand. This includes a hammer, screwdrivers, utility knife, measuring tape, pliers, and a cordless drill.

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