5 Tips to Reduce Stress During Your Office Move

5 tips to reduce stress during your office move

When planning a business move, there are many shifting parts and obstacles to consider. It takes time, dedication, and serious coordination to get the job done right. If you’re not prepared when the moving date arrives, it can lead to a whole lot of stress and aggravation for you. To reduce stress during your move, consider these five tips that can help make the process run a whole lot easier.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

For office moves, it can take at least six to nine months to properly prepare the logistics for the move. Not only do you need to create a plan and have it approved by all of the managers, but you also need to have blueprints created, figure out your new floor plan, arrange for any structural changes, and talk to the moving company and service providers to ensure everything is properly in place. By not planning ahead and giving yourself enough time, you can experience some major hiccups that can impact your overall business operations. So make sure to give yourself plenty of time when planning your move.

Meet Regularly

You should also keep everyone in the loop throughout the entire process. Set regular meetings to update all the managers on the moving details and don’t be afraid to assign tasks. This will help to ensure that everyone knows exactly what they need to do so that you won’t have to run around trying to organize hundreds of people all on your own.

Move In Sections

If you have a business with more than one department, you should consider packing and moving each section at a time. When you have to move over a number of days, organizing by department can alleviate much of the stress. We also recommend appointing a small “moving team” from each division to help coordinate the move for their area and to help you set up once everything has been transported to the new space.

Use the Weekend

Moving during the week can be a nightmare when people are still at work. Plus, if you’re moving into a building that occupies more than just your company, you won’t be starting on very good terms using by up the shared spaces for boxes or making lots of noise. Make sure to plan your move on the weekend or on a day when most people are off work (if possible).

Hire a Professional Moving Company

To save yourself a lot of stress on the big day(s), you should hire a moving company that specializes in commercial moves. By using a company like Ottawa Moving Logistics, you can get a trained Supervisor/Manager to work with you to ensure that your project goes exactly as planned. Plus, you can take advantage of our planning services that can assist you in organizing a more productive and effective use of your existing space. Using a professional commercial moving company can save you a lot of time and aggravation.

You don’t have to plan your office move alone. When you hire Ottawa Moving Logistics’ commercial moving services, you get experienced project management professionals who can help oversee your entire relocation process from beginning to end. And we’ll ensure your project gets done within your budget and right on time so your business can get back to doing what it does best. To learn more about how we can help you plan and move, contact us today.

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