5 Reasons Why More People Are Moving To Orleans

5 Reasons Why More People Are Moving To OrleansSince the advent of remote work and at-home learning, more people have moved out of the downtown core and towards the suburbs and countryside. An especially popular place to buy has been in Orleans, which has seen house prices soar over recent months as demand for homes in this area has skyrocketed. So why are more people moving to Orleans?

Big homes and backyards

Orleans has a mix of older and newer homes, which means house prices will vary. People moving from the downtown core will likely find themselves in a larger living space with a much larger backyard. This is a desirable quality in a home right now as multiple people work remotely and require their own workspace. Children who have been learning virtually also take up room and have to be accounted for. For people who typically travel in order to get away from the world, having a backyard that they can turn into a personal oasis has become appealing. The backyard is also a draw to people who have taken in pets in the last year. In addition, people with good credit have discovered that, with no place to travel, now is the time to invest in property. 

Wide outdoor spaces and walking paths

Orleans has a lot of walking paths woven into its many neighbourhoods. It’s a great opportunity for people to get out of their house and go for a walk, providing the mental stressbuster that many of us need after a full day working at a desk. There are also multiple enclosed dog parks in the area, giving your pup an opportunity to run off-leash and socialize and giving you a chance to meet other dog owners.

A good place to raise a family

Whether you have young children or teenagers, Orleans is a good place to raise your kids. Not only does it have a very low crime rate, but it has excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities. There are plenty of after-school activities for children to participate in, as well as fairs and festivities.

Wide swath of entertainment choices

On the subject of festivities, Orleans is a prime choice if you’re looking for a place with entertainment. It has plenty of bars and restaurants that play live music, a bowling alley, several craft brewing companies, and the Shenkman Centre, where you can take up pottery, art, and theatre. Orleans is also huge on celebrating holidays. At Christmas, Taffy Lane becomes a tourist hot spot. 

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