5 Reasons NOT to Plan a Friends & Family Move

5 Reasons NOT to Plan a Friends & Family Move

Relying on friends and family is something you can make do with once or twice during your early twenties when pizza and beer were enough to entice them. But today, it’s not always so easy to find a reliable set of hands that will offer the kind of help you need. When you consider the fact that professional movers can handle just about everything – from packing to unpacking to transportation to unloading and more – we guarantee it’ll be a decision you won’t regret. So when you’re contemplating the move and wondering why you should hire professional movers over your friends and family, remember these tips.

Avoid Injuries

Most people aren’t used to the physical demands that moving requires. Carrying and manoeuvring large, bulky and delicate items down and up awkward flights of stairs or hallways can be dangerous. Whether it’s your couch or a fancy grand piano, professional movers have the experience to handle bulky, awkward items that could otherwise cause injury to your family or friends.

Save Them the Hassle

Ask around, and we’re sure you won’t find anyone who can honestly say they enjoy moving, never mind moving someone else. So when it’s time for your move, don’t be surprised if your set of helping hands suddenly becomes unavailable. Even if they don’t say it, your friends and family are dreading your big move. So why not save them the hassle and save yourself the aggravation of having to ask. Professional movers will show up on time and be ready to go.

Save Yourself the Hassle

Cutting corners may work in other areas of life, but when it comes to moving, it’s one area that just isn’t worth it. Trying to handle it on your own will quickly have you regretting your decision for the duration of the move. So save yourself the hassle and have it all taken care of for you.

Movers Have Necessary Equipment

Whether your mattress needs to be covered, or any items require special handling, professional movers will have all of the necessary equipment on hand with them. They can safely store and secure your items, so they arrive in one piece to your new home.

Your Valuables are Insured

Before you call up your friends, you should ask whether you really trust them to handle your valuables. Remember, they’re offering a helping hand, not necessarily a strong or sturdy one. So if anything slips and falls, you’re left paying out of pocket. But a licensed moving company will provide coverage and insure your belongings in case anything gets damaged.

It’s easy to underestimate all of the steps involved in moving. And relying on friends and family really just places a burden on them that they would much rather avoid. Hiring a professional moving company can save you so much time and aggravation while ensuring that your valuables end up where they belong, and in the condition they were left in. Ottawa Moving Logistics can take care of your entire move for you – contact us today to learn more.

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