5 Reasons Why DIY Moving Isn’t Recommended

5 Reasons Why DIY Moving Isn't Recommended

There are a good few reasons why most people dislike the idea of moving. There are so many parts that have to be arranged and coordinated in order to accomplish a successful move. Not only does it take vast amounts of time and energy, but it also can cost a significant amount of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why a DIY move isn’t recommended. Hiring a professional moving company can help save time, reduce stress, and make sure your items are delivered safely.

So before making any decisions on how to handle your next move, check out these five reasons why you may want to reconsider tackling it on your own.

No Insurance

Most moving companies offer insurance, so if any items are damaged, they will get covered by the company. On the other hand, if your friends help you move and something slips and breaks, there’s no way to recoup the cost. A professional mover has all the coverage, along with the necessary supplies and experience needed to ensure that your items are moved safely and securely from one place to the next in one piece.

Time Management Issues

Having a full-time job and trying to move a whole house is a recipe for burn out, which is another reason why a DIY move isn’t recommended. The packing, planning, and moving all take a considerable amount of time. And, if you try to do it all yourself, you’re likely to be unprepared and completely stressed out once moving day arrives. Hiring a professional moving company can ensure that you get your home moved quickly and efficiently without any issues.

Lack of Equipment

It takes the right equipment and supplies to get a move done right, without any mishaps. Without blankets, dollies, bedcovers, and ramps, you and your precious cargo can be placed at risk. A professional will have everything required to perform a smooth and successful move.

Difficult Items

Not all items are easy to fit through doors, lift up and down stairs, into elevators, and in and out of the moving truck. Professional movers are highly skilled at moving fragile and awkward items in the most effective ways to protect your belongings. Specialty items like pianos need specific equipment to move, which could cost you more money if you decide to DIY.

Complex Routes

Depending on the size of the truck you rent, you may need to have a clear picture of the route to take in order to avoid any low bridges or other obstacles. If you’re moving long-distance or across borders, you will also need to consider the fuel costs, mileage, lodging, and border requirements. Each of these items can be complicated and difficult to calculate without experience.

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