3 Tips for Moving Your Kids Back from School

3 Tips for Moving Your Kids Back from Schooll

With the cost of living being so high, it means many graduates end up moving back home after school until they can find a job and save up enough to afford a place on their own. This can often leave parents in a bit of a pickle, especially if they’ve moved or have already downsized. If you’re moving your kids back from school and aren’t sure what to do, here are 3 tips for a smooth transition.

Create a Space for Them

One of the most cost-effective options is to convert an empty basement into a secondary suite where they can stay for the time being. If that’s not possible, perhaps renovating the garage is. Putting on an addition might seem extreme but if you have an aging parent who plans to move in with you in a few years, now might be the best time to renovate and use it for your child until the time comes.

Make Storage Room

Your college grad will likely be moving home with a lot more stuff than they left with. It should be no surprise that they’ve acquired a lot of things that likely won’t fit in your home including furniture, appliances, and kitchen supplies. So be prepared to make room to store some of their stuff. Start by checking how much available storage room you have and then help them decide on what will fit and what will need to go. If you have limited space, renting a storage locker to house their belongings in might be a good idea until they can move out for good.

Determine How Much Stuff You Will Need To Move

Once they’ve settled on what items they’ll be moving home with, you can then decide on whether you’ll need to rent a van or hire a moving company. Your kid might think it’s best to rent their own truck and have their friends help pack it, but there are many reasons why this could be a bad idea. For one, if their friends break and damage something, it likely won’t be covered under your insurance. Your kid could also be held liable if one of their friends injures themselves during the move. Moving trucks are also difficult to navigate, especially if they’ve never driven one before which can put them and their belongings at risk. It’s always better to hire a moving company who can properly pack the cargo, safely drive the truck, and who will be covered by insurance if anything happens during transit. 

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