O.M.L is so much more than just "men in trucks". We are a company that was founded on the concept of "Honesty and Integrity ". We are a dedicated household and commercial relocation specialist. All of our equipment, resources and training are geared toward small or large relocation's.

We provide professional, single integrated solution to all your relocation needs to drive out the high costs of dealing with multiple suppliers. We provide innovative answers to complex questions and issues, where a flexible approach and the highest professional standards are a must. Our services are utilized where trust, reliability, credibility, reputation and innovation are how things get accomplished.

O.M.L was built on the "can do" approach to Commercial and Residential relocation's. We are solution specialists - finding not just the right way to plan, manage or move your project - but the best way. These methods not only save you time and money, but more importantly, complete the work with minimal disruption to your business or living space. Allowing you to do what you do best - run your life and/or your business!





Achieving business objectives requires a plan, and O.M.L Planning services can ensure that your relocations are completed on time and within budget. From determining your needs, to creating an action plan, we have the expertise and experience to plan productive and effective use of your existing or new space. Contact us today to find out how our planning services can make your next move your best move.



O.M.L has experience in managing relocation projects of all scope and size. With our broad base of experienced project management professionals, we can oversee your entire relocation process from conception to a successful completion. Most importantly, we can help deliver your project on time, within budget, and with minimal business disruptions – allowing you to stay focused on your business.

Contact us today to find out more about our Project and Move Management services.



O.M.L is recognized in the commercial industry. From clients with a single office, to moves for large multi-level companies – O.M.L has the experience, knowledge, resources and personnel to handle your project. Our experienced staff of relocation managers can save you valuable time and resources. From routine office re configurations, to complex business relocation's – We have the expertise to keep your project on time and on budget, while minimizing costly business disruptions.

Our complete array of move management services include premove coordination, specialized handling of sensitive equipment, space planning, churn moves, industrial / warehouse relocations, storage, and on site project management.


We not only handle your moving day, we will also get you prepared with an assortment of boxes, packing materials and much more.  Even if you are looking to pack your home yourself, we will deliver them right to your door.  A price list can be provided to make your order.

We offer packing and unpacking services; poor packing is the most common cause of breakage and loss during a move. Transporting fragile and delicate items involves much more than placing them into boxes. While some items like bedding, towels and books don’t necessarily call for professional attention, other items demand the kind of protection only experienced, professional packers can provide.

We use only clean cartons of various sizes to custom pack your belongings. Our experience has shown us which materials and packing methods provide the most reliable protection at competitive rates. 

Residential Moving

We are a family owned Moving Company, accommodating local and long distance moves to and/or from the Greater Ottawa Area within Ontario. We offer competitive local and long distance moving hourly rates and a reputable service. Our teams of experienced movers are punctual, focused and courteous. Our goal is to make your moving experience as easy for you as possible.

Upon our arrival. you will be greeted and introduced to the site supervisor, with a quick review of the work order supplied.  While the remainder of the professional mover(s) begin to prep your home by protecting your floors with protective floor runners. We will also be wrapping all your furniture and appliances meticulously with clean, padded blankets. Additionally, wardrobe boxes will be supplied for hanging clothes and bags for your mattresses will be brought on your move day. These are all provided at no additional cost. 

Commercial Moving

We have spent our years in business also accommodating the commercial industry. Serving many clients in the Ottawa Area and are grateful to be their Corporate-Mover-of-Choice. Our expertise, experience, service focus, and customer relations allows us the privilege of serving corporate customers. Our teams are well trained, we are well equipped and our employees are always motivated to produce better than expected results.

Our teams are experienced in:

  • Schools and libraries
  • Administrations
  • Warehouses
  • Internal and external business offices

We appoint a trained Supervisor/Manager to every move, to insure constant communication on your project, to ensure you have the most up to date information. 

As part of our commitment to the environment, we aim to keep your unwanted office furniture out of landfills. Options for furniture removal include, Donations to charities or other organizations. Recycling of non salvageable furniture.

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We will be a leader in workspace & home solutions.

We believe customer satisfaction is the measure of success.

We invest in tools, training and leadership to build our team.

We are professional, ethical and dependable.

We know effort drives our success!


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General Manager

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Rosie Antaki

Office/Site Manager

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